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Are you an individual or corporation in need of strong representation for your mineral rights issue?

The attorneys of Miller Luzier, PLLC have conducted hundreds of oil and gas examinations throughout Morgantown and Charleston, WV. With years of experience in this complex area of the law, we’re the Morgantown and Charleston attorneys who can:
  • Research legal claims to mineral rights
  • Oversee operating agreements and transactions
  • Pursue any attendant litigation
  • Prepare Comprehensive Oil & Gas Title Opinions

Work with a savvy team of oil and gas lawyers. We’re available to represent you anywhere in Morgantown and Charleston, WV.

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At Miller Luzier, PLLC, we’re devoted to providing meticulous research and smart counsel to both companies and individuals. Through our thorough title investigations, our Morgantown attorneys can help you succeed in your Morgantown and Charleston, WV mineral rights case.

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